"I'm here for a good time."

– George Strait

Need to Know Before You Go:

  • THE QR CODE IS YOUR TICKET!! You received an email with a scan-able QR code when you purchased tickets.  Print it out or just bring your device.  It will be scanned by gate attendants either at the parking area or at the Old Saloon.  You can also bring your ID and we can look your ticket up but it takes way longer and slows up the line!
  • WRISTBANDS: You will be wrist-banded at the gate. Leave it on! You will get a second wristband to be able to consume alcohol. No wristband – no booze. Only one drink per hand will be sold at a time.
  • Kids are allowed and those under 10 are free. 10 and over NEED A TICKET. Bring them snacks and sunscreen.


  • ALL PARKING FOR THE SHOW IS AT 1180 East River Road. 1.6 miles east of The Old Saloon.  Turn east off HWY 89 at The Old Saloon and follow the signs. See Map Here
    • You paid for this parking and shuttle ride with your ticket so USE IT. It is honestly faster to park and shuttle than to try to park and walk to the venue.
    • Parking shuttles will run continuously from 6 pm until 12 am.
  • There will be NO PARKING available at the event site or in Emigrant!!!! Please park at the parking lot and ride the shuttle.
    • Cars parked in unauthorized areas WILL BE TOWED.  Cars parked along HWY 89 WILL BE TOWED.  Cars parked along Murphy Lane WILL BE TOWED.  Cars parked in Emigrant WILL BE TOWED.  Cars parked at the Emigrant General Store WILL BE TOWED. See the trend here?  This isn’t to be assholes, this is to keep everyone safe.  Park County Sheriffs make the rules not us and if you want us to keep bringing great music to Paradise Valley you will follow the rules and ride the shuttle. The Sheriffs really don’t want pedestrians crossing HWY 89 so don’t do it.


  • PARTY BUS: There is a third-party Party Bus service offered from Livingston and Bozeman. To reserve your spot or for more details please follow this link.
    • These buses only run once so make sure you are on them when they go back to town.


  • 1 — This is one of many amazing large shows at the Old Saloon. For this to continue we have to behave ourselves and treat our neighbors with respect. We love the people in our little town and we don’t want them to hate us.  That includes following the parking rules.
  • 2 — NO RE-ENTRY. Once you are in you are in so don’t forget anything in your car.
  • 3 — No lawn chairs please. Because of the venue size constraints please leave your lawn chairs at home. Bleachers and picnic tables will be available for those that prefer to sit and watch.
  • 4 — NO DOGS…we love them but not for shows.
  • 5 — No outside food or drink. We have you covered for both and you will be booted if you try to sneak in that flask of Fireball. We have a few food options but less than years past so expect lines.  BRING CASH!!  ATM’S ARE ON SITE BUT DON’T ALWAYS WORK.
  • 6 — NO GUNS….I know we are in the Wild West but we don’t need any drunken shoot outs to prove it.
  • 7 — No one allowed behind the stage or on Counts Lane. Respect the band so they tell their friends how cool we are and we get more great shows.
  • 8 — No drinking and driving!! Ride the shuttle and camp. It is a hell of a lot cheaper than a DUI. We have also notified the local UBER drivers so they may be around. We know for a fact that the Sheriff’s Deputies will be around but you don’t want that type of shuttle.
  • 9 — Treat our staff and security with respect. They are good people and working their asses off to make sure you have fun. There will be zero tolerance for horseplay. Park County Sheriff’s Department will be in the area to assist with any issues.
  • 10 — HAVE FUN!!!

Attending an event from out of town?
There are lots of local lodging & camping options. Learn more here.

Summer 2022 Events:


Upcoming Live Music:

Past Events:

Summer 2021:

Cory Leon Johnson, Blake Brightman, Haeli Allen and the Sightliners, Raina Wallace, Flying Buffaloes, Reckless Kelly, Mickey and the Motor Cars, Rocky Mountain Pearls, Jessica Allestad, Red Shahan, Ian Thomas, Doublewide Dreams, Amanda Stewart and Co., James Steinle, Juliet McConkey, Chandler Huntley, Steelwoods- Nick Sterling Band, Curtis Grimes, Olivia Harms Low Down Drifters, Zach Nytomt, Matt Miller, Ian Thomas and the Band of Drifters, Bo DePeña Band, Quenby and the West of Wayland, TJ Broscoff and the Southern Satellites, Open Range, Tamela Hauer Trio, Dwight Yoakam, Charlie Crockett, Jenny Don’t and the Spurs, Katherine Taylor Duo, Colter Wall, Judson Cole and Erick Willis, Aaron Watson, David Adam Burns, Jason Boland and the Stragglers with Kyle Park, Mike McClure, Tylor and the Train Robbers, Doublewide Dreams, Steel Drivers, Paul Lee Kupfer, Blake Brightman Band, American Aquarium, Matt Strachan and the Hoot Owls, Zach Nytomt, Ashly Holland, Chelsea Hunt, Randy Rogers, Bri Bagwell, Daniel Kosel, Ben Jarrells Band, Wayne the Train Hancock,  Sam Platts, www.Twang, Bo DePena/Patrick B Ray, The Dirty Shame, Sean Devine Band, Katherine Taylor and Ride Me Down, Colin Burke, Zechariah Peabody, Charles Ellsworth Band w/ Amanda Stewart, Matt Wallin and his Nervous Breakdown, Peter King, Cole Decker

Summer 2019:

Shane Smith & The Saints, Whiskey Myers, Brent Cobb, Robert Earl Keen, Kevin Galloway of Uncle Lucius, Granger Smith, Earl Dibbles Jr, Cody Johnson, Whitey Morgan, The Steeldrivers, Town Mountain, Reckless Kelly, Mission Mountain Wood Band, The Dusty Pockets, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jessie Bridges, Tennessee Jet, Shane Secor, Jason Wickens and the Western Electrics, Tylor and and the Train Robbers, Kimberly Dunn, TJ Broscoff, David Adams Byrnes, Curtis Grimes, The Lonesome Heroes, Flatland Calvary, Mike and the Moonpies, Jamie Lin Wilson, The Rocky Mountain Pearls, Annalisa Rose, Ian Thomas and the Band of Drifters, Little Jane, Sam Platts and the Great Plainsmen

Summer 2018:

Dale Watson and his Lonestars, Ian Thomas and the Band of Drifters, Sam Platts and the Great Plainsmen, Aaron Einhouse, Charlie Stout, TJ Broscoff, Kimberly Dunn, Sean Devine, The Black Lillies, The Turnpike Troubadours, Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans, Jason WIckens, Reckless Kelly, Zane Williams, Daniel Kosel, The Rocky Mountain Pearls

Summer 2017:

Sam Platts and the Kootenai 3, Ian Thomas and the Band of Drifters, The Robbie Walden Band, Jill Kinsey/ Brigette London-The Last Honkey Tonk Music Series, Chris Knight, Midnight River Choir, Shotgun Rider, Paul Nipper, Scooter Brown Band, The Vandoliers, The Drew Fish Band, Tim Montana and the Shrednecks, Jason Eady, Bri Bagwell, Dirty River Boys, Sean Devine, Uncle Lucious, The Whiskey Gentry, TJ Broscoff, Aaron Einhouse, Scott Evje

Old Saloon, Emigrant MT