Quenby Duo

Join us, no cover!

Thurs, Dec 8th @ 7pm



Quenby Iandiorio was introduced to the Country/Americana scene during her time in LA from `97-`09. But after years of enjoying her friends from out front, she decided it was time to have a go at it from up on stage. Late in `07 she picked up the guitar in earnest which was followed very quickly by recording her first song and shortly after by compiling her first band. By `09, Q’s desire to take the band all the way made a move to Texas inevitable, so she and original drummer, Clint Short (Shurman, Stonehoney, Weldon Henson), pulled up stakes and relocated to Austin.

Since then she has been on the road touring California, the Southwest, Texas, the Rocky Mountain corridor and the Pacific Northwest.  When not on the road, you can find her writing and recording in her home in Livingston, MT that she shares with her husband and fellow singer-songwriter, Sean Devine and his children.

Old Saloon, Emigrant MT