Reckless Kelly with Josh Meloy

Reckless Kelly with Josh Meloy

  • Thurs, Aug 4th @ 7pm (doors @6pm)

  • All Ages Welcome

  • Rain or Shine

  • Tickets $25

For nearly 25 years, Reckless Kelly has graced the musical landscape with a high-powered form of Americana, equally rooted in raw passion, refined musicianship, and gritty authenticity. With the dual release of two new albums—American Jackpot and American Girls—the Idaho-bred band presents a beautifully detailed portrait of their beloved country, turning their nuanced songwriting to its many glories and tragedies. While one batch of songs centers on slice-of-life storytelling and the other explores the complexities of human connection, the collective body of work unfolds with profound and often eye-opening attention to the subtleties of American life.

Old Saloon, Emigrant MT